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Bev by Darin Kamnetz


From Minneapolis, MN, indie pop/rock artist Bev has been making albums and playing shows since 2010. Previously performing under the name, Niki Becker, she changed her name to Niki Beverly (in honor of her deceased mother) after her divorce in 2018 and began performing under the name Bev. Since then, she released the album Static Elastic (September 2018) and her latest album, Crusher, May 21, 2021.

“I’m in love with all kinds of music and find there’s room for them all. I try to meld as much of that way of thinking into what I do. I love songs. Lyrics are very important. The vibe is very important. I love when something seems so simple, yet veers slightly off course.”

          Latest Album - Crusher



New album - Crusher

Crusher is a multilayered, sonically refined group of songs, from quiet and dreamy to 70s Bowie-esque classic rock and a little jazz added in for some additional texture, all tied together by the sound of Bev’s sensitive, yet confidence voice. There are 11 songs total, running at an album length of about 33 minutes. 

The majority of the songs from Crusher came about after Bev’s divorce in 2018. There are songs about heartbreak, about finding oneself when you hadn’t even realized you’d been lost all those years, and there are songs about new love and all of the excitement and misery and all the ways love can crush you.

Crusher is produced, engineered, and mixed by Holly Hansen at Salon Sonics Studios and mastered by Huntley Miller. The album features both JT Bates (Alpha Consumer, Bonny Light Horseman, Taylor Swift) and Dan Elston-Jones (Banner Pilot) on drums, Megan Mahoney (Lissie) on bass, Holly Hansen (Zoo Animal) on lead guitar, and Addie Strei on flute and sax.

Hi-Res Photos (all photos by Darin Kamnetz)

Bev by Darin Kamnetz
Bev by Darin Kamnetz
Bev by Darin Kamnetz
Bev by Darin Kamnetz
Bev by Darin Kamnetz


"...a strong female voice and leader that Minneapolis needs and has been asking for."

- Rift Magazine

"The singer’s lyrics are every ounce as smart and charming as before, but with moments of stark imagery and introspection"

- 89.3 KCMP The Current 

"...the hooks on many of these songs are so good they will give you goosebumps." - Stepkid Magazine

"...the sort of album you can listen to repeatedly and for years."

- Mostly Minnesota Music

"...Crusher shows off Bev's deft skill in sculpting their own unique sonic universe."

- Beach Sloth

"...her crisp voice and thoughtfully arranged indie-pop should please fans of Rilo Kiley."

- Vita.MN




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